2017 Annual School Election: September 19, 2017

Early Voting: September 12-18, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Location: County Clerks office.  801 Locust Street, Conway, AR 


2018 Election Calendar




AVOID causing wait LINES
 Be PREPARED to vote
 (Do all the following BEFORE heading to the poll)

A. BE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED and that your address information is correct.
You may check to be sure you are registered at the Secretary of State's Web site: https://www.voterview.ar-nova.org.
By clicking on your name, a second web page will give your Faulkner County election
day precinct polling site as well as your address. If you have moved you will need to update that information.


B. Faulkner County has Vote Centers.  This means you can vote at any Voting Site in the county.  

C. Being sure your VOTER INFORMATION is correct.
You may find this via the Secretary of State's site

1.NAME CHANGE forms need to be completed before you come to the poll.
2.ADDRESS CHANGE forms need to be completed before you come to the poll.

Change forms may be downloaded here or you may pick them up from the
Faulkner Country Clerk's office in the Court House.


D.  I.D. is not required to vote, however if you have a photo ID with your current
     address and birthday for the poll clerk it will make your certification go much quicker.
     If flagged on voter registration role, I.D. will be required.  

E. Be familiar with the BALLOT, the ISSUES and CANDIDATES (view sample ballots on this site).