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Faulkner County History

Faulkner County, formed April 12, 1873, was the sixty-ninth county created in Arkansas. The county is located almost exactly in the geographical center of the state of Arkansas, and was created from portions of Conway and Pulaski counties. Faulkner County was named after Colonel Sandy Faulkner, the composer of the famous fiddle tune, “The Arkansas Traveler.”

In 1873 when the county was formed, the same piece of legislation that created the county also designated then Conway Station (later the city of Conway) to be the temporary seat of justice, allowing the newly appointed county officials six months to select a permanent county seat.

In September 1873, Colonel Asa P. Robinson, known to many as the father of Conway, donated the property which is the current site of the Faulkner County Court House.

Information cited from: Faulkner County, Its Land and People. Faulkner County Historical Society, 1987.